Lessons from bringing DevOps to New Zealand’s largest government organizations

ZDNetZDNet reports that DevOps can have a positive impact on the cultural attitudes of a work environment, in addition to speeding up software development and deployment.

But the move towards DevOps transformation usually needs to start with a disruptive event or emergency to trigger the change, says Rob Englund, an independent IT management consultant and trainer who has helped New Zealand’s largest agencies achieve organizational change through DevOps processes.

From the article:

IT leaders in and of themselves find it very hard to be the initial disruptors, Englund points out. “You may be in an exploratory phase, with people trying some Agile, and some new tools, but there has to be some sort of trigger event, or some sort of emergency,” he relates. “Once you’ve got the trigger, then it’s a lot easier to get executive support and the hearts and minds of people. It’s got to be something such as, ‘were going to split the organization in two,’ or ‘we’ve got a new CEO who wants to change everything.'”

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