LISTEN: How 2 agencies are modernizing IT with DevOps

Federal News RadioFederal News Radio reports on the impact and success of DevOps practices for two federal agencies – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Both agencies have been using agile and DevOps to modernize their old systems and deploy updates quickly. Sarah Fahden, the chief of the Verification Program Portfolio at USCIS, said the journey to being a dev/ops or agile shop started quickly after DHS made the project a high priority modernization program almost six years ago.

From the article:

“Anytime there is a bug that we find out about, our users are very close knit into our operations, so they have instant reach back, and we also have an environment called ‘preview’ where user can opt-in to see new features before they go live to everyone else and they can choose to be live testers of that in production. They will give us the feedback and we will fix the bug immediately — sometimes in minutes or days depending on how much development work it takes and the backlog,” she said. “Everything is automated. Our entire infrastructure is dev/ops so no one touches production ever.”

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