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AGL Live

Conversations with leaders in government innovation, IT modernization, and cultural transformation.

 Latest: “Mind the Gap: Bridging Silos for Better Government”

Leaders in public sector innovation share best practices for bridging cultural and organizational gaps to help government change for the better. Participants include:

  • Alex Cuva | Agile Coach & Mentor
  • Kitty Wooley | Senior Fellows and Friends (formerly U.S. Dept. of Education)
  • Michael Sahota | “Agile” Culture & Leadership – Trainer & Consultant
  • Linda Cureton | Muse Technologies (formerly CIO of NASA)


Leaders of civic innovation efforts discuss how government can learn to fail smarter and pivot quickly for better outcomes.


  • Vicky Niblett, GSA
  • Karen Bruns, Monarch Agile Solutions
  • Grace Simrall, Louisville Metro Government
  • Rob Klopp, formerly SSA


“Measuring the Success of Agile Contracts in Government”

“DevSecOps: Beyond the Buzzword”

“Practical Advice for Government Transformation”