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Conversations with leaders in government innovation, IT modernization, and cultural transformation.

 11/8: “Wild Wild West: Managing Agile Contracts in Government”

Florence Kasule
Florence KasuleU.S. Digital Service
Dave Zvenyach
Dave Zvenyach18F (formerly)
Ben Hafer
Ben HaferCivicActions
Jonathan Mostowski
Jonathan MostowskiU.S. Digital Service
Chanda Brooks
Chanda BrooksU.S. Department of Defense

Public sector innovators and bureaucracy hackers discuss challenges and lessons learned in applying agile principles to government contracts.

November 8
12p PT / 3p ET

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  • What’s working in agile contracting — and what’s not
  • How agencies are measuring success 
  • How vendors can help
  • Tips for thinking outside the “bureaucracy box”
  • Celebrating success stories and learning from failure

Who should attend

  • Procurement officials and CORs
  • Agile vendors
  • Program managers


Gov and industry practitioners discuss why UX in the public sector is hard to get right. Discover how agencies and contractors can start working together to solve the puzzle of government user experience.


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