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AGL Live

Conversations with leaders in government modernization


Seek and you shall find: Engaging users for better UX in government

Practical advice from UX leaders on how to find and engage users to build government services that work for everyone.


Battle of the Frameworks: Choosing agile approaches for government projects

SAFe, Scrum, Kanban, or something else? Experienced leaders of agile government projects explain how to choose the right approach for your team size and project type — starting with a beginner-level overview of each framework.


“Measuring the Success of Agile Contracts in Government”

“DevSecOps: Beyond the Buzzword”

“Practical Advice for Government Transformation”



Seek and you shall find: Engaging users for better UX in government

Battle of the Frameworks: Choosing Agile Approaches for Government Projects

Mind the Gap: Bridging Silos for Better Government

The Art of the Pivot: When Failure Works

Measuring the Success of Agile Contracts in Government


Wild Wild West: Managing Agile Contracts in Government

To Thine End Users Be True: The Role of UX in an Agile Team

How Local Govs Creatively Use Agile To Accomplish Big Missions

DevSecOps: Beyond the Buzzword

Re-imagining the Business Value of Government IT

Practical Advice For Government Transformation 


What We Learned From DHS FLASH Procurement

How 18F Used Agile to Simplify Acquisitions For Government

Ten-minute lightning talks from AgileGovCon

What Agile Looks Like In Local Government

Culture Change In Government

Modern Agile Procurement

The Tao of Agile: What Makes Agile Work

Digital Transformation In Government

User Centered Design in Large Scale Legacy Projects

Setting Product Development Priorities

Agile In A Legacy Environment

What I Learned About Agile At 18F

DevOps and Continuous Deployment

Agile in Practice

Cultural Transformation Towards Agile


Better, Faster Security in Agile Government

How to Use Free and Open Source Software to Make Government More Agile

Human Centered Design and Agile Government

Agile Government With USCIS CIO Mark Schwartz

Agile Government and the State of Maine

Agile Government in Salt Lake City

Agile Government and Australia’s New South Wales Transport Management Centre

Agile Government 101