Medium: ‘Building an agile response to a local government RFP’

A case study on MediumMedium describes how a digital services firm worked to develop an “agile contracting” response to a large-scale Request For Proposals from a local government.

The RFP acknowledged the need for a design-first, user-focused approach to the work — but the scale was massive. The responding firm realized a modular approach was needed in proposing a solution.

From the article:

This is the first local government RFP we’ve seen that is beginning to move towards thinking of digital government services as an ecosystem of data-sharing applications with both constituent- and staff-centered interfaces …

With a small, purpose-built team we assembled specifically for this project, and abiding by our core value of transparency, we realized we didn’t feel right to make a wild guess about a solution, before we’d even begin discovery. So we decided to recommend an “agile contracting” response to complement our agile design, development, and workflow approach.

Read the full article: Case Study: Building an agile response to a local government RFP | CityGrows via Medium

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