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This page is for AGL Association Members, in both public and private sectors.

AGL Alert Archive

This newsletter helps AGL members stay in touch with government innovation news, events, and opportunities. See past issues below.

Below is a calendar of upcoming Association events and other member resources. You can also:

AGL Events Calendar

AGL All Members Call
Next scheduled: Thursday, November 21 at 1PM Pacific / 4PM Eastern

Current Working Groups

AGL Summit Planning
Planning the AGL Summit event for November in Washington DC.
Chair: Bill Maile ([email protected])
Meeting Schedule: varies
Location:  Online

Supporting the implementation of modern, open technologies and practices at the government policy level.
Chair: Bill Maile ([email protected])
Meeting Schedule:  Wednesdays at 2PM Pacific / 5PM Eastern
Location: Online

Increasing capacity of folks in government to understand and adopt innovative tools, culture, procurement, etc.
Co-chairs: Tony Fortenberry and Valerie Puffet-Michelle ([email protected]
Meeting Schedule:  Fridays at 10AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
Location: Online

AGL Live
Facilitating online discussions with government innovation leaders and the community.
Chair: Melinda Burgess ([email protected])
Meeting Schedule: Wednesdays (bi-weekly) at 11:00AM Pacific / 2:00PM Eastern
Location: Online

Business Development
Sharing leads, tips and insights on business opportunities.
Chair: Ben Hafer (contact Bill Maile: [email protected])
Meeting Schedule: Fridays at 11:00AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
Location: Online

Learn more about working groups here.

To join a working group or start a new one, apply here.