MeriTalk: ‘How to modernize without cutting the cord’

MeriTalkAccording to MeriTalk, agencies can work with legacy systems to carve a path to modernization by improving data sharing between new and old systems.

A recent study – “Modernizing the Monolith” – explores why legacy systems are so persistent, and how various agencies are tackling modernization.

From the article:

The good news?  Half of survey respondents have already developed a formal integration strategy for connecting applications, services, APIs, data, and devices today, and an additional 36 percent are working on one.  The majority also believe DevOps/agile integration (66 percent), open source software (62 percent), and microservices (60 percent) will have a positive impact on their modernization efforts.

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Federal IT leaders see a wide variety of applications for these next-generation technologies.  Public safety leaders, for example, could quickly access demographics or economic information in disaster areas.  Financial leaders could retrieve personnel data and finance systems to review project costs and performance. And healthcare leaders say it could help integrate health data into a unified system.

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