‘Micro-consulting’ could open a door for agile firms to serve government

LinkedInGovernment contracting expert Jaime Gracia writes on LinkedIn that ‘micro-consulting’ could improve small firms’ opportunity to serve federal customers, while allowing for rapid acquisition processes for very targeted problems (i.e. innovative procurement methods).

Building on ideas from Dr. Steve Kelman on FCW and Chris Cairns who founded Skylight, Gracia points out how hiring for small bursts of work could allow agencies to take risks safely and target specific results.

From the article:

What if these teams can have very targeted engagements from experts in the field on particular topics, such as cyber, cloud, logistics, etc? What if the process was able to be turned on its head, and instead of contracting out for a typical engagement of years, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and questionable results, you simply purchase exactly what you need, very quickly, cheaply, and with targeted results?

This process could open the door to many entities, consultants, and start-ups that have what the government needs, but can not be at the table because of the barriers to entry, for starters. Small businesses would have expanded opportunities for introducing innovation, risks could be taken, and experimentation can be more readily conducted.

Read the full article: Federal Procurement Innovation Through ‘Micro-Consulting” | Jaime Gracia via LinkedIn

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