NASCIO panel says user centered design is ‘worth it’

StateScoopAccording to StateScoop, a panel of state government experts on user centered design said their agencies learned unexpected lessons by collecting real user feedback.

Digital transformation leaders from Georgia, New York, and Massachusetts explained that by observing users  and testing assumptions, they were able to provide an experience that better helped citizens get the services they needed.

From the article:

[W]hen the state [of Georgia] designed its main website in 2002, it worked from an assumption that everyone would start at, a central portal, and then be routed to the correct website on one of the many branches of the state government’s expansive tree of services. It sounds reasonable enough, but through testing — which in Georgia includes user testing and video recordings of what the user is doing and thinking as he tries the latest version of a digital service under development — the state found that more than 60 percent of users were arriving to webpages through a Google search, and very few were using their interface as intended.

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