NASCIO report shows agile success in state agencies, gives tips for successful adoption

According to StateScoopNASCIO, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) released its final report on agile in state agencies, highlighting the success of agile methods in the State of Nebraska.

The report also contains 10 best practices that NASCIO says are “the most insightful first-hand knowledge of how agile can work in state government.”

From the article:

NASCIO found that agile tends to be supported strongly by those who use it, with 70 percent of IT professionals surveyed reporting that it “helped avoid wasted money from ineffective IT projects.” Two thirds of those surveyed said agile “helped avoid large IT project failures,” and 58 percent said it “helped prevent programs that do not meet business needs.” Getting state government to try something new can be a hurdle, the CIOs said, but once people begin seeing what agile can do, they open up.

10 recommendations from NASCIO’s report:

  1. Pick the pilot
  2. Explore agile with potential advocates
  3. Inject experience
  4. Make the case for product ownership
  5. Foster the team’s knowledge and enthusiasm
  6. Establish ongoing coaching
  7. Plan for end user interaction
  8. Communicate agile advantages to stakeholders
  9. Address budgeting and procurement
  10. Prioritize the user and your focus

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Get the free report from NASCIO: Agile IT Delivery: Imperatives for Government Success

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