NASCIO survey draws frank feedback from CIOs about the state of Agile

NASCIOLast year, NASCIO surveyed state government IT leaders to identify key points of focus for 2016 — with agile development and effective service delivery ranking high on the list. A report on the findings of this survey gives state IT leaders a chance share their perspectives and experiences.

State IT projects continue to receive significant exposure and attention, both from state legislators and from the media. There continues to be a general perception that states are struggling to implement technology solutions. This perception – whether warranted or not – ramps up the pressure on state CIOs to improve the management of technology projects and to clearly demonstrate the value that their organizations are providing to business customers.

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Given that use of agile approaches is beginning to be fairly widespread across the states, we wanted to understand how successful these approaches have been considered to-date, especially in comparison to traditional waterfall approaches.

Survey respondents discuss what Agile policies (if any) their departments have adopted, what challenges they have faced with implementing Agile, how they predict their current attempts at Agile will change or evolve in the coming year, and how well (or poorly) their state’s procurement policies match up with the needs of Agile development methods.

Read the full document: The Value Equation: Agility in Sourcing, Software, and Services | NASCIO
(see pages 7-10 for discussion about Agile)

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