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USASpending.govThe Treasury Department’s Bureau of Fiscal Service is launching a series of new data analysis tools on the portal to provide greater insights and accountability into government spending.

Justin Marsico, a senior policy analyst with the Bureau of Fiscal Service, shared insights about the improvement process in an interview with Federal News Radio.

Marsico said that user-centered design, testing, and iteration have been integral to the building of a better

From the article:

“We have tried to design our tools so they can be used by anybody,” he said. “The way we have tried to accomplish that is by really taking to heart the principles of user-centered design. What that means for us is we design a tool, we put it in front of someone and watch them use it . . . We review [the results] and see where people are confused and try to address those points of confusion by changing the analyses and adding helper tools.”

He added that user testing experience can be humbling because the user’s critique may be the opposite of what the bureau initially planned.

“That’s a difficult experience to have but a good one to have because it forces you to go back and make changes and approve so by the time you put something out to the public it’s the best iteration you can come up with,” he said.

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Read the full article: “Data + Use = Value” is the motto for new | Federal News Radio

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