New York town successfully implements agile for tax software project

Town Of HempsteadThe town of Hempstead, New York discovered an agile approach was key to successfully updating a complicated system, according to Government Technology.

Donald Clavin, who was responsible for the town’s recent project to set up e-billing and online payment for school and property taxes, said the iterative and user-focused approach was an improvement on the usual way of setting up new systems.

From the article:

[The complexity of the tax system] makes it tough for a town like Hempstead to just pick up a piece of software designed for other systems and plug it in. So an agile approach made sense to [Claven] — it allowed his employees, the people who know how the process works, to help guide the product toward working for them . . . What it all adds up to is a greater likelihood that a project will be done on time, doing what it needs to do and avoiding unexpected hiccups along the way.

Read the full article: Agile at the local level: New York town tries a new approach with tax software | Government Technology

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