Nextgov: ‘3 Cultural Considerations in IT Modernization’

As government moves toward updating aging digital systems, agencies tend to place greater emphasis on technology over cultural transformation, according to NextGov

Yet, focusing on cultural factors is equally important to success. Agencies and chief information officers should not overlook the importance of encouraging collaboration within development teams, learning from iterative feedback, and including procurement in the transformation process.

From the article:

This approach [learning from iterative feedback] was key at the National Science Foundation…To adopt more lightweight development practices, the team started simply—with one release on one program. NSF methodically captured successes and failures, was transparent with performance analytics, and used that data to inform the evolution. Today, not only has NSF implemented mature scaled agile practices across their entire organization, but this transformation allowed the organization to adopt a lean microservice-based architecture facilitating faster delivery of new capability.

Read the full article: 3 Cultural Considerations in IT Modernization | NextGov

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