NextGov: ‘Governments Need to Re-tool the IT Workforce (Again)’

According to NextGov, agencies should focus on helping IT workers develop new skills that will support new low-code approaches to government software.

With a new phase of IT modernization favoring cloud services that no longer require agencies to build code, agencies may be tempted to simply replace their workforce wholesale. However, both government and workers benefit when agencies encourage existing IT staff who are interested in learning new skill sets. New expertise in platforms such as Amazon Web Services will compliment the ever-valuable skill of collaboration to improve government services for everyone.

IT leaders—whether team or project leaders—are challenged to converge understanding of tech with understanding of government organizations in order to specify exactly how cloud computing can improve mission results at lower costs. IT projects are still at risk due to constantly shifting requirements and inter-dependences across existing and new workflows. The ability to communicate options and clarify benefits, cost and risk is crucial to success.

From the article: Governments Need to Re-tool the IT Workforce (Again) | NextGov

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