Non-traditional, agile contractors seek to help government and each other

Oddball and Fearless are two of the 16 firms in the Digital Services Coalition that are pledging to help each other and bring better services to government through a non-traditional set of agile values, according to Steve Kelman’s blog in FCW. These guiding principles are different than those typically seen in the government IT marketplace:

  • Purpose over Profit
  • Users over Stakeholders
  • Outcomes over Activities
  • Community over Credit
  • Innovation over Risk Management
  • Delivery over Deliberation

While some of these values may seem nearly impossible to bring into public sector IT on a large scale, the small and mid-size companies in the Coalition believe that by demonstrating an open and collaborative approach, they can positively influence bigger companies and the government.

And it is happening. From the article:

[Robert Rasmussen, founder of Agile 6, a firm that is a member of the Coalition] stressed that it is important to “focus very intentionally on principles and values, and not on frameworks and delivery method. Anybody can emulate agile scrum and come back with the frameworks that don’t embrace the intent. What we’re trying to work through is how can we really change the hearts of these companies.”
He noted that he is seeing more and more RFPs that require bidders to submit past code. “The tides are turning quickly,” he said. “Civic tech is accelerating – we are seeing some longtime government officials changing. At some point, we become the norm. Sure, there’s some risk in our approach, but it’s a risk we’re willing to take.”

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