Office of Innovation Director says changing government starts with fixing human processes

At AGL Summit on May 23 in Sacramento, talks from government practitioners focused on the future of digital services for the state of California and beyond.

Chaeny Emanavin, Director of the Office of Innovation for the California Health and Human Services Agency, gave a lightning talk on recent efforts to improve government operations in California.

“We’re here to make the HUMAN processes better — then we layer technology on top of that,” said Emanavin, explaining that the agency’s main focus has been to improve the knowledgeability and collaboration of government staff.

Because innovation starts with prioritizing people over process, it’s no surprise that some key activities mentioned in Emanavin’s talk included:

  • Understanding of user-centered design
  • Training government workers in modern skills
  • Using problem definition to focus on clear goals
  • Fixing human processes first
  • Borrowing lessons from USDS and 18F
  • Improving the hiring process to build better teams

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