OMB: Agencies delivering IT capabilities 20 days faster by using Agile

Acting U.S. Chief Information Officer Lisa Schlosser discusses the impact of Agile on federal government IT projects with Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller:


“Across the government, we’ve decreased the time it takes across our high impact investments to deliver functionality by 20 days over the past year alone. That is a big indicator that agencies across the board are adopting agile or agile-like practices,” said Schlosser in an exclusive interview with Federal News Radio. “We’ve also seen through our analysis of some of the projects on the [IT] Dashboard that it is a fact that agencies who are using agile and agile-like development lifecycles are seeing improved cost and schedule performance. They are almost twice as likely to be ‘red’ if they are using waterfall versus agile. They are using more and more agile.”


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