Open Access Government: ‘Governments must adopt an agile mindset towards security’

Open Access GovernmentAccording to Open Access Government, an agile approach can greatly improve the security of government IT systems, as well as the cultural mindsets about security-related activities.

For governments to have effective security in today’s modern, fast-paced IT environment, they must re-think their approaches by embracing open source solutions, learning from failure, and viewing security as a continuously evolving process.

From the article:

In an agile development process, there is intense focus on what can be learned from the customer or users. An agile security process applies that same intensity of focus to what can be learned from adversaries. Agencies should continually retrospect on any failings in security – not just applying patches, but embracing innovative ways to avoid the problem in the future. Being agile means having the courage to diverge from the status quo in an effort to achieve the highest performance possible.

Article contributors Fen Labalme, Chief Information Security Officer at CivicActions, and Robert L. Read, Chief Scientist at Skylight Digital, are members of Agile Government Leadership.

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