OpenGov: ‘How DHHS Victoria is benefiting from the Platform + Agile approach’

OOpenGovpenGov interviewed Dr. Steve Hodgkinson, CIO at the Victorian Department of Health & Services (DHHS), about the agency’s success in implementing updated and more efficient business systems using the “platform plus agile” approach.

DHHS has observed the benefits of delivering working software quickly to users, and will continue building on this approach as the agency prepares to modernize core client and case management applications.

From the article:

The essence of our new approach, which we call Platform+Agile, is to buy and then reuse strategic platforms, preferably public cloud services, to develop new business systems – rather than the more traditional application-by-application outsourcing approach. Start with a proven, trusted, platform and develop the new system via a series of agile iterations. Use the platform for multiple applications. Because the platform already exists it is possible to start quickly and deliver a minimum viable product which is then refined based on user feedback …

Our Platform+Agile approach has enabled us to deliver over 30 new business systems in the last 18 months without any of the usual procurement and delivery issues.

Read the full article: “Seeing is Believing”: How DHHS Victoria is benefiting from the Platform + Agile approach | OpenGov

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