Procurement transformation to be discussed at AGL Summit

Building better digital services begins with the procurement process. Agile and responsive methodologies save agencies money and help them create user-friendly systems, but the buying of modern technologies is challenging because of the bureaucratic and waterfall-focused nature of traditional government contracts.

At AGL Summit on November 7 in Washington D.C., innovative acquisition strategists will discuss their experiences and share lessons learned in re-tooling the procurement process to be more collaborative and agile. Lightning talks and panel discussion topics will include:

  • ‘Co-designed procurement’ that involves vendors, program owners, and contracting officers in a collaborative RFP design process
  • Digital Information Technology Acquisitions Training (DITAP) program that teaches procurement officers how current regulations can be adapted to modular contracts and software development best practices
  • How to implement agile procurement practices at the state level

Speakers on these topics include Brent Maravilla and Traci Walker, procurement specialists at the U.S. Digital Service, in addition to others who have been working on groundbreaking acquisition practices in state and federal agencies.

The topic of procurement has been top of mind for many in the government transformation community because it sets the stage for how a project will be run and how progress will be measured — both of which require a shift away from traditional practices if an agency wishes to embrace a more agile and collaborative approach to contracting.

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