Is ‘platform plus agile’ the key to scaling agile in government?

IT News reportsVictoria, Australia that the development of a paperless system for the Department of Health and Human Services has led to new insights about the government’s IT systems in Victoria, Australia.

DHHS CIO Steve Hodgkinson says the “platform plus agile” approach is the most effective for his organization. Rather than focusing exclusively on trying to be agile, the agency makes strategic choices about platforms and then builds agile applications on top of them.

“We all know that we want to become more agile. To do things in smaller increments, be more outcomes oriented, get more productive, motivate teams etc,” Hodgkinson said. “But agile on its own all too often in government leads to a dead end. We do something that is agile that ends up with fantastic innovations that go screaming into a brick wall as soon as they have to be scaled.”

Read the full article: The Vic govt app that took ten years to arrive | IT News

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