‘Remember the future’ when planning for IT acquisition

Federal News RadioAccording to Federal News Radio, standard federal IT procurement often fails when government buyers focus on enumerating tasks and requirements for vendors instead of defining the services future users will need.

Agile acquisition reorients the process by beginning with an end-vision of a successful system. This vision helps vendors create and test prototypes that demonstrate their work—a “show don’t tell” approach to competition that cuts down on admin costs and the risk of later failure.

From the article:

The goal [of reverse planning] is not to perfectly define the required steps a vendor must take, but instead to define what the system’s contribution to program success should look like. A system requirements document is not the deliverable. Descriptions of system and program performance, user experience and business functions performed are the deliverables.

Read the full article: Agile acquisition: Why it makes sense to plan from future backward | Federal News Radio

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