Santa Clara CIO Ann Dunkin on empowering people to change government

Ann Dunkin is CIO for the County of Santa Clara and former CIO for the Environmental Protection Agency, where she championed agile practices in the earliest days of digital modernization within government.

Ann believes strongly in servant leadership and is happiest when clearing roadblocks to help employees take smart risks to promote better outcomes. She serves on AGL’s Board of Directors and has contributed to AGL discussions on government modernization and culture change.

We asked Ann to share her perspectives on the future of government transformation, how vendors and government can work better together, and how the AGL community can provide support to folks with “boots on the ground” promoting change in the public sector.

From the article:

During my time at the EPA as I got to know our staff and the staff at other agencies, it became apparent to me how deeply they all cared about their missions and that they were willing to change things for the better if someone them the slightest opportunity. Public sector employees knew that the way that government had been doing software development was broken, but they didn’t know how to fix it. It simply took showing them a path for people to embrace the movement.

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