Saving government IT through the building of an Agile community

TechWireAgile methodologies, so different from “business as usual”, can seem foreign and intimidating to agencies looking to improve their service delivery.

In a commentary for TechWire, Bill Haight and Elizabeth Raley — both of whom serve on the AGL working group — draw on their experiences of infusing Agile into government settings to explain the importance of community for agencies hoping to adopt Agile processes.

“Faced with tighter budgets, increasing expectations and closer public scrutiny, government IT organizations are under extreme pressure to deliver technology solutions that meet the needs of their users quickly and at low cost. Where the traditional project management approach has failed, agencies need to find alternatives to address these heightened expectations. Agile development has sparked the interest of public-sector change-makers as a way to save government IT from the debacle of skyrocketing costs and redundant systems . . .

[Agile methods] represent a huge cultural shift for agencies, which have been slow to adopt agile practices mainly due to a lack of understanding about how it works, how to get started or how agile actually benefits government. In response to the need for an agile community in the government space, Agile Government Leadership (AGL) was created to provide resources, training, conversation and help for those looking to implement agile into government.”

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