Singapore’s GovTech uses agile and a common tech stack to improve public services

Singapore GovTech logoAccording to Yahoo! News, citizens of Singapore can access the digital services of over 60 government agencies with a single login thanks to innovative initiatives of the newly-formed Government Technology Agency (GovTech).

GovTech is changing the way government develops national level infrastructure by creating an ecosystem of shared development tools and environments called the Singapore Government Tech Stack (SGTS). The agency has abandoned the cumbersome waterfall approach of past projects in favor of virtualization and agile methodologies, allowing rapid testing and development for faster delivery and cost savings.

From the article:

The Singapore Government Tech Stack (SGTS) infrastructure is designed to take [GovTech’s] directive one step further by building a framework that allows developers to test and iterate solutions quickly. The developers draw from a unified suite of tools and services — all hosted on a shared infrastructure.

“SGTS reduces the time and effort to introduce an early version of a digital service, and enhance and maintain existing ones,” says Steven Koh, Deputy Director of GovTech’s Agile Consulting and Engineering, in an interview with e27.

Read the full article: How Singapore’s GovTech is building a robust public e-services ecosystem | Yahoo! News

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