State CIO gives advice on the switch from waterfall to agile

Jim Smith, CIO for the State of Maine, has some advice for making the transition from waterfall to agile – which can be bumpy at first, but serves customers better in the long run.

Smith has been working to turn Maine’s IT shop towards agile for the past five years. In an interview with Government Technology, Smith mentions several ways CIOs can set themselves up for a smoother transition, such as:

  • Start small so you can learn as you go
  • Lean on the expertise of the product owner
  • Allow your team to self-govern

From the article:

“For me it was sort of a drink of water and sort of gulp a little bit, because you think about scrum, you think of self-governing teams,” he added. “Well, I’m the CIO and people tell me, ‘You know the team will govern itself,’ and you kind of scratch your head, but at some point, you take a leap of faith because you have to make a change.”

Read the full article: 3 Pieces of Advice for Making the Transition From Waterfall to Agile | Government Technology

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