StateScoop: How agile and APIs drive state digital services to the next level

StateScoopAs state IT agencies move away from monolithic programs and embrace more modular development cycles, the sharing of data through application programming interfaces (APIs) will play a key role in delivering effective services, according to StateScoop.

An interview with Mary Lou Prevost, vice president of state, local government, and education for CA Technologies, revealed that data sharing and collaboration across government remains a major challenge. APIs create an opportunity for more public/private sector sharing.

From the article:

By breaking down those silos and channeling the results into digital services, states can look to expand in areas like mobility and build a more inclusive workforce for technologists across generations, she said.

“[Transformation] is opening up an opportunity for more millennials and the exact people they want to attract to create these more modern services,” Prevost said. “They’re going to have cooler stuff to work on, which makes it far more interesting and makes state a little more sexy again.”

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