StateTech: ‘7 agile success factors for state government IT leaders’

StateTechreport released late last year by the National Association of State CIOs provides a set of values to help state IT leaders inject agile development methods into their operations, according to StateTech.

The seven principles for structural and cultural agile transformation laid out in the report are drawn from lessons learned by IT leaders in the private sector as well as public sector pioneers. The topics range from procurement to leadership buy-in to training programs.

From the article:

Even if a culture of innovation has taken hold in a state government, it’s impossible to move forward with constant agile development if staff aren’t skilled in agile. In fact, 65 percent of leaders indicated in the report that more than half of their staff lack the knowledge necessary to use agile.

“Training fosters adherence to agile, adoption of the more mature aspects of the approach and the onboarding of new developers, project managers and agency stakeholders,” the report states. “Some states found that training the organization’s leadership on agile helped them achieve success.

Read the full article: 7 Agile Success Factors for State IT Leaders | StateTech

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