AGL Summit 2019-05-24T15:56:31-07:00

AGL Summit

Charting the path forward for government transformation and digital services in California

Thank you to the volunteers, sponsors, and practitioners from government and industry that helped make AGL Summit a day of learning, sharing, and growth! Please let us know how we can make it even better next time.


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Learning and sharing to improve government digital services

Practitioners serving government gathered at AGL Summit in Sacramento to discuss how state digital services can be improved through:

  • Public service innovation
  • Talent and workforce development
  • User-centered design
  • Lean methodologies
  • Iterative development
  • Product management
  • Open and participatory government
Ideation wall at AGL Summit


Judi Brown
Judi BrownPartner and Chief Impact Officer, CivicMakers
Ann Dunkin
Ann DunkinChief Information Officer, County of Santa Clara
Kip Harkness
Kip HarknessDeputy City Manager, City of San Jose
Laura Kogler
Laura KoglerEngineering Manager, Code for America
John O'Duinn
John O'DuinnSenior Strategist, CivicActions
Krista Canellakis
Krista CanellakisChief Innovation Officer, City and County of San Francisco
Chaeny Emanavin
Chaeny EmanavinDirector, Office of Innovation, CHHS Agency
Miriam Barcellona Ingenito
Miriam Barcellona IngenitoDirector, Financial Information System for California
Dan Levenson
Dan LevensonChief Strategy Officer, Agile Six
Eduardo Ortiz
Eduardo OrtizPartner, Product at &Partners
Adam Dondro
Adam DondroAgency Information Officer, CHHS Agency
Mai-Ling Garcia
Mai-Ling GarciaDigital Strategist | Service Designer, City of Oakland
Rob Klopp
Rob KloppFormer CIO, U.S. Social Security Administration
Lloyd Levine
Lloyd LevineAssembly Member (Ret.), State of California
Dave Zvenyach
Dave ZvenyachFormer Executive Director, 18F

Thank you to our partners