Techwire: AGL Summit on May 23rd in Sacramento

AGL Summit, which is set for May 23 in Sacramento, was mentioned in a Techwire article outlining the event’s speaker lineup and agenda, centered around government digital services, agile practices, modern procurement, and similar topics.

A hallmark of the event is AGL’s commitment to fostering honest conversation with an agenda that features speakers and topics “based on their merits and ability to objectively inform the community and benefit the public sector,” with no person or company paying to present content onstage.

Open space discussions in the afternoon will further advance the opportunity for lively, valuable dialogue about how government digital services can be successful in California and elsewhere.

From the article:

While this event is not about any specific proposal or organization, there is a trend toward digital services organizations across the U.S., noted Bill Maile, AGL director of government relations, in an interview with Techwire. “We are bringing together speakers from all over who have experience with these topics . . . If you are inspired by California’s future and potential to modernize, please join the conversation,” Maile said. “If you like the status quo, it may not be for you.”

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