‘This conference will be unique’: Digital services Summit focused on collaboration as key value

Adam Dondro, CIO at California Health and Human Services Agency, kicked off AGL Summit on May 23 with opening remarks that focused on the real value of the day — the exchange of information and ideas among the folks in attendance.

The topics of the event ranged from human-centered design to agile approaches, modern procurement, cultural change, and more.

“As the agency that handles half of the state’s IT budget, we’ve been working for several years to move in this direction,” said Dondro in his remarks. “How do we move the needle?” Participants were encouraged to answer this question for themselves in open space discussions during the event, based on their own experiences.

“This afternoon is all about YOU and the things you deal with every day, the things that you are excited to see,” Drondro said, explaining that the intent of AGL Summit was to promote actionable conversation for moving government digital services forward. “You will get out of today what you put into it.”

Opening remarks were continued by Mike Wilkening, the newly appointed Special Advisor on Digital Innovation for California Governor Gavin Newsom, and Aaron Pava, Executive Director for the AGL Association, which focused on the growing interest in building a “new digital future” for the state, and what that would look like, including:

  • Shifting focus from programs to people

  • Rethinking relationships between vendors and governments

  • Looking to other states and local governments for ideas

Watch AGL Summit opening remarks

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