Three Solutions for Creating Budget and Public-Friendly Government Services

GCNHow can CIOs ensure that government technologies provide services to the public that are just as accessible and easy to use as commercially available digital services? According to GCN, CIOs are making government more citizen-centric and saving money by turning to three key areas: cloud-based solutions, big data, and automation technologies.

As state governments modernize IT systems with new focus on security, consolidation, and agile delivery, these technologies allow government to address the public’s priorities while keeping costs within budget.

From the article:

“Cloud-based solutions allow the state CIO to provide ubiquitous services to the citizen – on-demand and in a very cost-effective way.  Rather than buying warehouses of servers, storage arrays and network equipment, the CIO can take advantage of commercial competition to buy low-level infrastructure that allows for the storage and retrieval of data from departments across state government – allowing citizens to access the data in a way that does not require them to know which department provides which service.”

Read the full article: Delivering Citizen-Centric State Government | GCN

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