Tips for getting more participation in agile retrospectives

GCNAs governments look to agile for better service delivery, some people will struggle with the tools and processes used in agile such as retrospectives, according to GCN.

The retrospective is a meeting during which an agile team constructively embraces failure to achieve continuous improvement — but self-critique is a hard skill for some to learn. This article offers tips for increasing participation in retrospectives.

From the article:

As the federal government’s adoption of agile increases, more people who are not familiar with agile will be brought into the fold bringing their varying degrees of skepticism . . . Few like attending meetings because they often stand in the way of the process of creation and are generally viewed as wastes of time and energy. The retrospective needs to be differentiated from other meetings to highlight its value even to the most jaded.

Read the full article: Getting fuller participation in agile retrospectives | GCN

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