Trello – Your tool for Agile learning

Trello – Your tool for Agile learning 2020-04-17T12:01:53-07:00

Trello is a free online project management tool that helps teams organize their work and easily keep track of tasks — or “user stories” in the case of Agile projects. Tracking these stories or tasks allows for transparent communication among the whole team.

In building these courses, we have included the option to use Trello for certain exercises. We even offer it to Project Managers as a way to track their progress through the course.

We strongly recommend you sign up for Trello and use it where applicable in these courses. There are other tools available that Agile teams use, such as JIRA, and VersionOne. You will want to find what works best for your team. Trello is a great place to start.

>> Create a free Trello account

For Project Managers

If you are working through the course Agile for the Government Project Manager, you can use Trello to guide your team through the learning process. This formats the course in a project-focused way and allows you to track everyone’s progress. Use the Agile Team Study Board (below) if you choose to use Trello as a learning tool for this course: 

>> Use Trello for course