TSA seeks industry input for agile procurement

A recent request from the Transportation Security Administration invites industry to help guide strategy for a new agile procurement program, according to Nextgov.

With an ambitious number of modernization initiatives — from increasing the use of mobile apps to automating internal processes — TSA seeks to expand agile methodologies within the organization.  The Fast Agile Scalable Teams procurement program will create a vendor pool to support custom software solutions and agile adoption. TSA plans to issue the final solicitation by Jan. 30.

From the article:

The blanket purchase agreement would cover multiple awardees, including two deals specifically focused on supporting operations and enterprise-wide systems. TSA will select other teams to maintain “mission essential systems,” stand up a data management platform and build new software to meet the agency’s changing needs, the notice said. The vehicle also includes leaves the door open for small businesses to develop automation tools, coach teams in agile methodology and perform other functions.

Read the full article: TSA Wants Industry Input on Its Proposed Agile Contract Vehicle | Nextgov

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