U.S. Department of Energy CIO Talks Agile

U.S. Department of Energy CIO Chris “Rocky” Campione says he is not an agile expert, nor does he think it’s the greatest thing ever. However, as the technology executive for one of the nation’s largest and most mission-critical departments, he has a lot to say about iteration, culture and making progress in two-week sprints.  He says he wants to create a culture of delivery.

“One of the things we’re rolling out this year…how do we think of things in an agile concept? So when I talk about delivering innovation and I talk about the workforce and I talk about delivery excellence, I’m trying to think about it in terms of how do we do that with how do we change the culture,” Campione said during his keynote address at the AGL Summit on Nov. 7 in Washinton, D.C.

“And one of the ways I’m trying to change the culture is by looking, it’s by applying agile concepts to our processes. And what do I mean by that? … So we are looking at how do we break our work into two weeks, four weeks, basically sprints, looking at what do we want to deliver in increments. And the reason I’m doing that is not because I think agile is the greatest thing ever.”

Watch his 20-minute speech below:

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