U.S. Treasury uses agile to make spending data transparent

OpenBetaUSASpendingThe newest version of OpenBeta.USASpending.Gov is under development with agile and user-centered design as the driving force, according to GCN.

The goals for the new site are increased user engagement and expansion of user diversity. Kaitlin Devine, the Treasury Department’s DATA Act product manager, said her teams weren’t getting enough valuable input from stakeholder meetings and GitHub feedback. So they turned to another agile development tool:

Devine and her team decided to build personas, which were descriptive profiles and categories of the types of users, to find who is using the site, what their goals are and what they can’t currently do.

The personas were built based on the types of users the team discovered — agency developers, chief financial officers, budget analysts, data owners, journalists, “helped drive our development at a more in-depth level,” Devine said.

Read the full article: Building the next USASpending.Gov, out in the open | GCN

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