UK Civil Service Chief Says Agile And Digital Methods Will Improve Government Projects

UK Civil ServiceBritish Civil Service chief executive John Manzoni says that although early efforts at Agile and digital transformation were tough for government, the lessons learned are paying off. ComputerWeekly reports that Manzoni was asked about several troubled projects at a meeting with the Public Accounts Committee, and whether those projects indicated a need for new project oversights.

“What’s interesting is if you think about those three projects, which have fallen into some difficulty, they happened right at the moment that we were learning – and everybody was learning, not just government – about how digital technologies could be applied to big business processes,” said Manzoni.

“In almost every one of those cases, we – the system – was overambitious in its expectationsabout what those new technologies could bring and how quickly you could bring them. And it happened right at the moment that new processes and new ways of doing projects were introduced into the system.”

Read the full article: Digital methods will improve government projects, says civil service chief | Computer Weekly

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