UK Civil Service shares how Agile helps teams work more efficiently

GOV.UKFrom the UK Civil Service blog comes a practical post on how Agile is helping the Operations Team in Civil Service Learning increase collaboration and efficiency for their planning process.

From the post:

“Until recently, teams worked in their own silos and didn’t always get the opportunity to comment on each others’ projects or  draw on their expertise. This, coupled with the fact that business planning was a laborious process, didn’t leave us in the best position to work effectively or collaboratively.

. . .

I would definitely encourage everyone to think about being more Agile and open to new ways of working. By adopting just 1 Agile technique, our team has increased its digital skills, created a shared purpose, and now monitors projects in a more efficient and effective way – and we’ve had fun along the way.”

Read the full post: How Civil Service Learning is turning Agile | Civil Service

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