UK Government Digital Service shares secrets of transformation success

Government Digital Service (UK)James Stewart, IT leader and co-founder of the UK Government Digital Service, shared what he learned from the government’s digital transformation journey in a Q & A with InfoQ following his presentation at Agile Summit Greece 2018.

According to Stewart, deep transformation requires putting citizens’ needs above bureaucratic structures. While this isn’t easy, improving end-to-end systems to support delivery and implementing user-focused, agile processes goes a long way toward transforming government services. Over the course of three years, the UK Government’s digital transformation saved £4.1 billion and improved services for millions.

From the article:

The key to the digital transformation was in the “default” part of “digital by default”. Instead of online channels being an optional extra, we [the UK Government Digital Service] worked to put the culture, processes, practices, and technologies of the internet at the heart of how services are conceived and delivered, said Stewart, a massive change in how the UK government shapes policy, how it understands what citizens need, and how it measures its performance.

The UK government’s transformation raised the expectations among the public and civil servants of what a government can achieve when it works digitally, which may be the most lasting legacy in the UK and around the world, argued Stewart.

Read the full article: Lessons from the UK Government’s Digital Transformation Journey | InfoQ

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