How UK government IT leaders can capitalize on Brexit uncertainty

GOV.UKAs the UK government begins the official process of leaving the EU, it must harness the potential of digital technology in order to deliver the most benefit to citizens, according to Europe Business Review.

Transforming government IT to be more agile and responsive, along with a focus on DevOps principles and a scalable public cloud infrastructure, will form the basis for cost-efficient government during a time of Brexit uncertainty.


Adoption of public cloud services by the UK Government has largely been haphazard and cautious. As a result, it has delivered only limited benefits so far. Government IT leaders are hoping to accelerate the use of public cloud services … It certainly makes little sense, during uncertainty, to invest time and resources in non-cloud IT infrastructure or services that involve an extended payback period and might be subject to Brexit-influenced changes.

Read the full article: Gartner: Government IT leaders should capitalise on Brexit uncertainty | Europe Business Review

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