UK government officials see agile as key to navigating Brexit changes

Open Access GovernmentUK government officials at the recent Agile Business Conference believe agile approaches will help agencies respond more effectively to the fast changes and complex projects brought on by Brexit, according to Open Access Government.

Agile IT delivery has been mandated by the UK since 2011, but changing the culture of an organization to an agile mindset is a long process.

Hugh Wallace, Transformation Lead in the Scottish Government, said:

“Agile is not the natural position of the civil service or the public sector where the tendency is to focus on solutions, to base thinking on what’s been done before and, particularly in IT, to take a technology first approach.

“What we are trying to do is target areas of government we think are most ripe for transformation and taking a partnership approach to how we deliver Agile. It’s about running projects and demonstrating new processes, sharing budgetary responsibility, sharing governance and trying to hothouse skills and move things forward by showing actual delivery.

“It’s never going to all fall into place overnight, but if we are prepared to work through projects and processes openly and collaboratively, we see that as a route to success.”

Read the full article: The future of agile in government services | Open Access Government

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