UK local government switches to cloud for main IT infrastructure

Enfield CouncilThe Enfield Council, a local UK government, has transitioned to the public cloud as the main platform for its IT infrastructure, according to Government Computing.

Rob Musekiwa, Senior IT Consultant at Enfield Council, says the public cloud offered the greatest flexibility and value for reducing costs and modernizing services.

From the article:

I think it is important, however, to understand that moving to the cloud isn’t just about saving money, there is a much bigger picture and greater aspirations.

For us, the impact on the business, partners and its customers is there is now an agile IT resource which is an enabler, focused on supporting future services or growth areas such as the use of data analytics or starting to think about how to harness technology advances such as the internet of things.

We are certainly more agile now and that makes us more aligned to the way the council needs to operate in the future. That really was our vision, our entire strategy was linked directly to enabling the business to meet its objectives.

Read the full article: Local government insight: The cloud-first council | Government Computing

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