UK minister says Agile approach to policy and service delivery is ‘the way of the future’

Matthew Hancock Photo by The Edge Foundation

Matthew Hancock
Photo by The Edge Foundation

The future of service delivery and policy making must be focused around an Agile approach in order to be effective and cost-efficient, according to UK Cabinet Minister Matthew Hancock.

ComputerWeekly reported on Hancock’s speech at the Institute for Government, in which the minister hailed the recent development of digital services (such as the website) as an illustration of how the Cabinet Office is “leading by example” to provide solutions using an iterative approach.

From the article:

“Small teams of developers building a product quickly and cheaply then iterating to improve it, not through long consultations and private advice but by seeing how it survives contact with reality,” said Hancock.

“It will more and more be the way of the future – not just in digital but for all policy-making and service delivery.”

Hancock said the next steps for the Cabinet Office will be to deliver a better government and society by acting as a “cohesive centre” for government to challenge and support the Cabinet.

Read the full article: Government should take an agile approach to policy and service delivery, says Hanckock | ComputerWeekly

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