UK Ministry of Justice on meeting user needs and transforming government through Agile

The UK Ministry of Justice shares how it leverages Agile to better understand and address user needs in a new post “Transforming Government at the Ministry of Justice.”

From the post:

In digital-speak that means we’re in ‘Alpha’, and we’re starting small, focusing on principles one and two first. We’ve trialled a lot of stuff already, from bespoke user needs workshops, to an embedded Agile coaching programme, to a ‘Learning Agile by doing Agile’ seminar series. We’ve learnt a lot (turns out long-lasting organisational transformation of the kind that we’re aiming for isn’t easy!), but it’s been exciting and we’ve got some great feedback.

So, as one participant in our recent seminar series told us, we’re going to “keep fighting the good fight”, and iterate (and iterate again) on our prototypes to ensure that what we offer is relevant and of long-term use. We’re looking forward to entering our ‘Beta’ phase, where we add in the extra dimension of scaling up.

via Transforming Government at the Ministry of Justice | Open Policy Making.

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