UK Tech News: ‘How tech companies can win government contracts’

UK Tech NewsUK Tech News reports that tech companies can develop valuable partnerships with governments that are mutually beneficial. This requires some know-how on the part of private sector companies, however.

Tech companies should seek to understand public sector needs, keep up with the latest trends, focus on security, and recognize what problems need to be solved.

From the article:

When it comes to government, it simply isn’t a case of one size fits all. Your product or service must be tailored to meet a government organisation’s specific requirements. For example, when it comes to IT, does your product or service meet the appropriate security measures and standards? Can you provide the level of support that the users require? This all feeds into fostering a culture of trust, which underpins any private-public sector partnership, as well as startups-corporates.

Read the full article: How tech companies can win government contracts – a VC’s perspective | UK Tech News

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