UKAuthority: ‘Taking cloud beyond the hype in local government’

UKAuthorityUKAuthority reports on a series of discussions between local government leaders that examined ways to help local governments implement cloud strategies as part of a successful digital transformation.

Cloud computing is front-of-mind for most local government IT leaders, but the challenges of migration to cloud demand a pragmatic — and often hybrid — approach.

From the article:

It became clear from the experiences of the participants that a cloud migration is a highly complex business. Every step has consequences, some are going to stir resistance, and there will be times when concessions are necessary. Also, there will be instances in which cloud does not provide the cost-effective solution.

The prime lesson was to avoid thinking of it as an absolute. A migration across the board could create a new set of problems, and while there can be a presumption in favour of cloud, its value to each element of a transformation should be questioned.

Most participants in the discussions had reservations about a 100% move to cloud, believing that for some applications and data it is better to retain in-house control. There are also instances in which cloud would not be the most cost-effective option, and there are worries about the risk liability for losses of data or disrupted services.

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