USAID embraces Agile approach to decreasing the digital divide

USAIDUSAID is examining how technology can change the way international development work is conducted, reports FCW.

USAID has proposed a core set of principles to drive digital development projects. Those principles — which will be familiar to anyone who has been following the path charted by the General Services Administration’s 18F organization — include user-centric design, scalability and sustainability, data-driven decision-making, open standards, open data, and modular and reusable design.

Unlocking the promise of digital connectivity can be a challenge when dealing with the world of international development, however. The main roadblock, according to a recent report by USAID, is that “often organizational inertia prevents the benefits of innovative technologies from being achieved.”

Willingness to evaluate outcomes and evolve accordingly – Agile principles in themselves – will be the key drivers to conquering the challenges of bringing digital solutions out of the development lab and into the real world where they can effect positive and lasting change.

Read the full article: How agile principles are driving digital development | FCW

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