USCIS modernizes verification program using agile

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration ServicesUsing agile methods to update multiple pieces of its verification system while still maintaining the legacy system for customer use, the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) is ‘changing the tire while driving,” according to Federal News Radio.

Eric Jeanmaire, the branch chief for the Verification IT Portfolio Modernization at USCIS, said the rapid pace of agile development has allowed his team to feel comfortable taking risks and deploying new concepts — which is why their current modernization project is succeeding.

From the article:

Jeanmaire said because the development sprints are short and so much of the process is automated, the project teams know almost immediately if there is a problem and can fix it quickly.

“A year ago we kicked off the first trunk of the modernization work. It proved that this approach is working very well. At this point, we’ve kicked off all the modular pieces we are doing under the modernization work,” he said. “If we go back and compare to five years ago, we were basically working in a system where the requirements come up front, well in advance and we keep rewriting requirements. We never make it past the conceptual phase. We have binders and binders worth of requirements that we planned to develop and actually nothing makes it into production.”

Read the full article: In modernizing its verification program, USCIS is changing the tire while driving | Federal News Radio

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