USDS acquisition strategist explains the role of ‘bureaucracy hackers’ in government

In an interview with Government Matters, acquisition strategist Jonathan Mostowski discusses how he navigates the procurement process with an eye toward modernization in his work with the U.S. Digital Service.

From the article:

“You have to think of bureaucracy as the body’s immune system. The immune system… isn’t inherently evil. It is there to protect the organization or the body from things it is not used to. Bureaucracy is the same way. Without it we have chaos and nothing would get done,” said Jonathan Mostowski, acquisition strategist and bureaucracy hacker at the U.S. Digital Service. “It’ll allow a little bit of something new, a new foreign behavior into the system. But once it starts to take hold, it resists again, sometimes in a very difficult matter to get it out of the system… [Bureaucracy hacking] is finding the rules, understanding them deeply and then finding ways to strategically get the next best approach moving forward.”

Read the article: The Role of Bureaucracy Hackers in Government | Government Matters

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